Network Security

Aprium use cloud-managed protection by Symantec and Sophos for our core antivirus measures, which are monitored and managed through our cloud portal, so we can easily see the status of any workstation or server across our client’s networks and identify or initiate remedial action very quickly should the need arise. It is important however to reiterate that a complete joined-up approach is vital to ensure not only the most minimal disruption to your systems, but also the effective remedy when things do go wrong is already in place.

It would be naïve, and perhaps dishonest, to imply that we can protect your systems from every threat out there. You might even be wondering “why do I need to get concerned about something that may never affect me, after all what would they gain from a small company such as ours?” Please be aware that the threats are very real, they are constantly evolving, that no system is too small to be attacked, and there is a great deal to gain from trying to infiltrate your network. Admittedly you are unlikely to face the level of attack that a large corporation or financial institution might, but even the government’s sites get attacked and compromised from time to time. There are no complete guarantees but there is a lot that can be done to minimise the risk to what is hopefully an acceptable level so you can continue your business in peace, whilst we look after your security.

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