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We all need friends, and there is nothing more worthwhile then doing a friend a favour. Why not recommend Aprium to your friends? Of course there is something in it for you too! The satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the well-being and mental sanity of your business colleagues and associates is undeniably reward in itself, but there is more.

Aprium maintain a close relationship with all our clients, and there is nothing we value more than a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. We can only get that if someone tries out our services, and we want it to be for the right reason – not because we pay a marketing company to get us leads!

KindleSo if you recommend us to a business and they go on to take our services, we will give you an extra reward for your loyalty and trust. This will change from time to time, currently an Amazon Kindle is up for grabs! Just complete the form (first come first served – if two people were to recommend the same company the first form gets the prize) and indicate if you would like us to contact them, or wait for them to contact us – it doesn’t matter and we will never use any form of hard-sell techniques.

The only condition is they actually have to take a service or buy something – once the spend reaches £1k (ex VAT) you get your prize, and it doesn’t matter how long they take to reach that target

Now who do you know?……and how many kindles do you need? FREE !

Amazon Kindle(note, obviously subject to availability, and in the unlikely event we can’t supply the current prize, you would be offered a selection of similar value items to choose from)

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