Remote Support

Gone are the days when you had to save up all your IT problems until you could justify an engineers visit – and then often find one issue took so much time that half didn’t even get looked at! The wonders of the internet allow us to view or take control of any PC (or MAC), provided that internet access itself isn’t the problem. Even if it is, then often a telephone call can help restore it to the point that we can get access.

The result? Problems are fixed quickly and efficiently, error messages can be shown when they appear, call outs are not needed 95% of the time, and often the user goes and makes a calming cup of tea and returns to a working computer. All we need now is a way of getting that cup of tea transferred to us remotely!

Is it safe? – Yes. (through our software anyway, everything is encrypted and all access is absolutely under your direct control at all times).  Does it work? Yes. Does it cost money? Yes.  Or maybe not; customers with a support agreement often get it included at no extra cost. As usual, use the contact form to get more information at no obligation – of if you are already a customer, use the facility below:

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